Returned from camping

Just returned from camping on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. It was our first trip without any of the 4 children. The boys were off doing their own thing. Izzie was in Ireland and Bex at volleyball camp.

Survived a tornado warning. It hit about 10 miles up the shore and thankfully no one was injured. My husband did stand outside holding the awning (metal rods) down on the pop-up. Not a good idea we know.

Visited the Port Austin Farmer’s Market on Saturday. The mushrooms were amazing according to Todd. We grilled them along with some blush peppers, red onions and grape tomatoes that we found there. Drizzled them with olive oil a bit of pepper and salt yum! Served it along side mesquite-lime chicken and beef which was amazing.

Picked up a loaf of Italian Bread to have with my canned roasted red pepper spread I’d brought along.

Our other find at the market was tamales! We enjoyed those while sipping on margaritas with our toes in the sand.

It was a much enjoyed vacation and think Todd and I will survive the empty-nest once it gets here!


Steak Salad

Tonight Steak Salad. Mixed greens from the garden, seasoned steak on the grill toss in some red peppers and tomatoes….Yum, not a bad last supper before heading off to Ireland for her freshman seminar.

Hoping that my daughter enjoys the food in Ireland and keeps her sugar even.

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Summer Italian Pasta Salad

Yum. Think this is my new favorite dish.

1 lb italian sausage

1 cup corn

2 cup tomatoes chopped (skins of  if not using grape or cherry)

1 cup orange peppers sliced or chopped

3 gloves garlis (we love garlic here)

3 Tbsp fresh Basil

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 box Farfella pasta

While boiling the pasta, cook the italian sausage.  When cooked through remove sausage from pan, slice into bite size pieces. Toss minced garlic into pan and stir on med for 3 minutes. Add the basil, peppers and the corn and stir for until peppers begin to get tender. Stir in the tomatoes and sausage, sprinkle 1/4 of cheese on top. Drain pasta and add to pan, sprinkle with remaining cheese. Serve warm or  cold. Absolutely scrumptious!

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Well, she will be off to Ireland in just a few days. Though she has traveled abroad in the past and is very conscious of  sugar, I still get nervous.

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Well, haven’t been to good about posting lately. Thanks to Silly Bandz, which is based in Toledo Ohio, I am here today. Though my daughter is a teenager and heading off to college in the fall she is a huge fan of Silly Bandz. Thinking that the name Rob Croak would be kinda cool.

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Graduation, Reginals in both soccer and softball!

Wow!  This blog thing is not easy to work into a busy life. I am going to try to set a goal and stick with it. That goal shall be at least once a week posting for the next 3 months.

My eldest isn’t technically a teenager any longer but he still is in college. #2 has had a total collapse and won’t be going back to school. He has decided since he is 19 he should just float from friend to friend and party 😦 #3 has graduated high school and is still playing softball, hoping for a few more games! #4 has had injuries and drama but she is newly 16 and playing a game that she loves 🙂

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Roasted Red Pepper Spread/Pesto

3lbs red bell peppers

1 clove garlic unpeeled ( i prefer 2 cloves)

small white onion

1 Tbsp finely chopped fresh Basil

Olive Oil (enough to get it moving smoothly in the food processor)


Roast the red pepper, tomatoes, garlic and onion, turn to roast all sides. Tomatoes and peppers should be blistered, blackened and softened, while the garlic and onion just need blackened spots.

Place peppers and tomatoes in paper bag, close tight and let cool 15 minutes. Peel the garlic and onion and finely chop both. Need about an 1/8th of  a cup of onion. Peel and seed peppers and tomatoes. Run all ingredients through food processor adding just enough olive oil to have it smooth.

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School Lunch Time

Well school has started and returning to packing lunches for my two teenager daughters. Gratefull that the garden is producing wonderful veggies to fill their lunches with. My nieces have also hired me to make their lunches since school lunches lack much. I am going to try and post the lunches daily or at the very least weekly. Today lunches included a wonderful roasted red pepper spread. More on that later. I am learning and will try figure all this out.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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